Our Mission and Aims


Working together for greener, fairer and healthier food for all, through sustainable local action.

The Lincoln Food Partnership is what is termed a Constituted Unincorporated Community Association which means that we do have a constitution but we do not have a legal status. 


1. Promote healthy and sustainable food to all sectors of the public, encouraging a shift from food consumerism to food citizenship*
4. Promote a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy

7. Support the development of community-based food production within the City enabling people to reconnect to their food source and make informed choices about the food they eat
2. Tackle food poverty, diet-related ill health and poor access to affordable healthy food, and reduce fresh-food deserts within the City
5. Reduce waste and the ecological footprint of the food system

8. Support and enable the development of innovative, collaborative and experimental projects which contribute to a sustainable whole food system within Lincoln

3. Build community food knowledge, skills and resources

6. Transform catering and food procurement to become more ethical, sustainable and locally-based

These aims are consistent with, and amplify, those of Sustainable Food Places

*Be a citizen (not just a consumer)

We can change our mindset and language to be more positive, empowering and inclusive. Read this really helpful communication guide from the Food Ethics Council & New Citizenship Project.

Do you share our passion for fairer, healthier, greener food?

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Who are our Food Partners?

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