We’re a partnership of organisations working together for fairer, healthier, greener food for all, through sustainable local action.

Care Farming in Lincolnshire

With Deborah Evans from Social Farms & Gardens, and Mark Coulman from Hall Farm Eastoft CIC in Lincolnshire.

Support Mint Lane Cafe CIC

New directors and members are being sought for the board at Mint Lane Cafe CIC.

For more information, or to express an interest, email MintLaneCafe@gmail.com with Member or Director in the subject

Lincolnshire Foodbanks

Find your nearest foodbank, community larder or cafe on our interactive map.

Incredible Edible in Lincolnshire

Local growing projects across the county

Join an online event to inspire and connect; start or join a community growing space where you live; be the change you want to see!

What we’re all about

Do you share our aims?
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Who’s involved

Food Partners
We’re businesses, foodbanks, community organisations, schools, faith groups, more…

What’s going on

Feeding Tariff
Catalytic projects towards a more integrated food system

We believe in making healthy, sustainable food accessible to everyone.

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